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Our professional services include: Personal Training, Pilates, Group Training, Commit Sport and Nutrition Coaching. As far as pricing is concerned, the amount varies based on your commitment. So, the more frequent your visits, the less you pay.

Each service is integrated differently as our programming is truly custom tailored to you. Unfortunately, the term "custom" gets watered down from place to place, but when we say "custom", we mean CUSTOM.

From one on one training to Commit Sport (sport specific team training) to a single membership or a family of four, our services can be used interchangeably at the discretion of your program! So when your body needs to change, we're ready!

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Personal Training

One on One, Group, Mixed Discipline, Any Experience, Any Age. We're not re-inventing the wheel here, just giving it a smoother road. Our practice is where creativity meets functionality. Rarely seeing the same workout twice, we make sure you're as prepared as possible to commit to fitness being a part of your life.


An exercise discipline taught in a way that will not only re-shape your body, but also your outlook on your current routine. #Seewhatyouvebeenmissing

Advanced Athletics

This program is catered to the athletes and built on the metrics of their respective sports - from professional influence. MLB, NFL, CFL and COLLEGIATE experience and contacts are used to offer a venue where EVERYONE can get a "look".

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